E-I-S -Workshop – So macht Schule Spaß!

An der P.H.O.Ö. lernten wir, wie man Bee – Bots programmiert.
Zuerst waren wir selbst die Roboter, dann schrieben wir 
mit der Programmiersprache LOGO Pläne und 
schließlich programmierten wir unsere Bienen mit exakten Befehlen.
Das war toll!

Our Concert “Billy no Buzz“ on Open Day

 It was an exciting moment for 2a when the English classroom door closed and the audience went silent. With texts and songs, 2a told the story of Billy, a bee who had no friends. Dragonflies came to his rescue and the bees learned to accept him, even though he was different.
After the musical Eva, Franziska and Tobi presented their work on the topic of bees and the production of honey.
Linda Holmes-Ulrich