Christmas Baking

There is probably one thing that unites all countries in which Christmas is celebrated – special food. 4a took the opportunity to bake biscuits in our school kitchen and staff room in the last days of school before the Christmas holidays. They wrote down the recipe and then followed their own instructions. The teachers tried to do as little as possible (!) and the children were very happy with the results of their work. 

Halloween in 1A

School is closed for Halloween so 1a came dressed up to school on 28thOctober. We went from door to door in the school building – both to different classes as well as to the school janitor and the principal. We collected apples,nuts, chocolate eyeballs and sweets. Emma’s Mum made Halloween muffins, so we had lots to eat. Drinks were made by Mrs Oman – green, red, with worms and cream on top! It was all great fun.Linda Holmes-Ulrich

„The English Playschool visit“

We were delighted to be visited by the English Playschool on 14th October this year. We enjoy close ties with the Playschool and many of our pupils love seeing their aunties again. 2nd Class welcomed the children with a programme that included a story and making rice cake faces. We look forward to some Playschool pupils joining our school next year.